Who doesn’t love to eat? I love love eating. Everyone has their kind of addictions, like smoking, drinking, or anything under the realm of imagination. For me, my addiction is eating. I have this unspeakable desire to eat. I do not eat when I am hungry. I eat when I want to eat, I live to eat.

Whenever I am at the dining table, my camera has the pleasure to ‘taste’ the food before me. Here are some foodgasm photos that I took while holding back my saliva and desire to nom!

IMG_3520Caffe Concerto, London, England


IMG_9595The Platypus Kitchen, Singapore


IMG_0212Strangers’ Reunion, Singapore


IMG_0292Sheraton Kuta Resort, Bali, Indonesia


IMG_0416Merah Putih Restaurant, Bali, Indonesia


IMG_1034The Marmalade Pantry, Singapore


IMG_5470Telaga Barombong Resto, Makassar, Indonesia


IMG_9880Todai, Singapore