About Me

Hello world!

My name is Medea, or you can call me by my initials, MW!.

I was born and raised in Makassar, Indonesia. I got my degree in Singapore and currently living in Bejing, China.

A little bit about what makes me wake up everyday. I love hunting down lovely places for brunch or beautiful looking food for my Instagram. I am easily bored, and I need constant stimulation. That is why I enjoy traveling and exploring new places that open up new perspectives in life.

I started this blog because my memories fail me at times. Life happens in a blink of an eye, if we are not careful, it slipped away without a trace. I want to cling on every beautiful moment in my life. All my feelings, all my experiences, all my thoughts, I want to write all of them down, no matter how amazing or terrible they are.

“Words have the longevity I do not.” – Dr. Paul Kalanithi

I share the same sentiment. I cherish memories, and I want mine to live on forever. It is as if I will continue to live on, as long as someone is reading.

Enough about me! Let’s join me and be a part of my memories! xxx