A little Life Update

Hello, everyone!

November has already arrived, and I am here wondering how fast time flies! What have I been doing for the first ten months of 2016? Have I managed to cross out all the items on my resolution check list?

I had so many new experiences in China, and thus so far enjoying my life to the fullest!

Experience changes who you are, and I think I have changed a lot this year. I have met and known so many new friends from Indonesia, and all over the world. Not to mention that I have been to so many places here in China and learned so much about Chinese and its history!

Today I woke up to the first snow here in Beijing, and this is the first time I see snow in my ENTIRE LIFE. Needless to say, I am super excited!!



Winter, please be nice!

I feel like writing a bit about what I have been up to these days. I have not been posting a lot recently, and I apologize for that.

I usually try to post something on every weekend, but these past few weeks I have been busy with school, outings with friends and preparing for exams. I had my midterm exams last week, and I felt so relieved that it is finally finished now and I would like to think I did a pretty good job for the exams.

It is mid-November now, and so much has been happening I think I need to write a separate post just to talk about what I was up to nowadays.

So, since I have moved to the regular program, where we just spend few hours learning, from 8am-12pm in the classroom. I feel like we had to make more out of class activities. So, my classmates and I have been going out a lot together, and it was super fun.

They are all so cute and adorable, hehe!!

We went to eat Korean food together in Wangjing, kind of Korean district in Beijing. We also went to Temple of Heaven and ended up in one of my favorite Chinese food restaurant in Beijing, Grandma’s.

Some visuals for you to deem your curiosity!




I also had a Halloween party with Indonesian friends. It was very fun. It was the time of the year again when we could be anything we want. Some became Princesses; there was Mario, pilot, and even pirates. Few girls and I decide we want to become professional basketball players.



I know right! I had never imagined myself in a basketball jersey. For those who know me personally, they surely would now that my basketball skill is the worst.

My friends and I also went hiking in a small village, about 2 hours from Beijing. I was usually not into this hiking, but the view was beyond amazing. I will write about it more in my following Beijing Weekend Getaway series. If you haven’t known, I write about Weekend Getaway destinations (for you who are living in Beijing or nearby) whereby you can spend your weekend at for a day or two. You can check about Gubei here and LongQingXia here.



I happened to visit many parks during the month of October. The scenery during the Fall season was stunning. And I know I am somewhat late, but I plan to write some posts to talking about my favorite fall looks and my 2016 Fall Essentials. So stay tuned for my upcoming post.


That’s all for now! Have a great day everyone=)



xx    L o v e,  M W   xx