Shanghai Day Trip


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

I think the thing about studying overseas, is not just about attending the elite university that you have been dreaming; I think life experience is something that is more valuable and meaningful to be considered when studying overseas.

Everyone’s life experience will be unique and different. It is what shaped and defined you as to what and who you are now. That is why, whenever I have a chance to travel overseas, I will always strive to make the fullest out of my time.

Last week, China was celebrating its national day, and we get to enjoy a one whole week of holiday. My friends and I went on a 4-day trip to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. It was exhausting because we had to move from city to city every day, but it was a superb experience.


We took a high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai (ticket per pax costs RMB 558) on Sunday morning, and it took around 5 hours to reach our destination.

We spent the first day in Shanghai. On the second day, we went on a one-day trip to Hangzhou (round trip RMB 153) and returned to Shanghai at the very same evening. The third day, we went to Suzhou (one trip RMB 29) and stayed overnight there. On the fourth day, we went back to Beijing with the same high-speed train (RMB 528).

Unlike Beijing, Shanghai weather was still very warm (around 30-33 degree C). The forecast said it was going to rain so we were anxious and worried it might affect our itinerary.

After checking in at our hotel, we proceed to our first stop, The Bund. The Bund is one of the main tourist attractions in Shanghai. Due to the one week public holiday, the place was so crowded. We took the mandatory picture with The Oriental Tower and off to lunch.




Your trip to Shanghai is not complete unless you try its authentic Xiao Long Bao. Our friends recommended an affordable yet tasty Xiao Long Bao restaurant near Nan Jing Dong Lu. The place might be small, but the queue is always long.

img_5111We ordered two buckets of these for the four of us. We left satisfied.

After lunch, we strolled around Nanjing Dong Lu, kind of similar to WangFuJing in Beijing. It was so packed with people, and the weather was not helping at all.




We stopped by a small cafe that specialized in making the cinnamon roll. It is a cozy place to have a rest after a tiring walk, and the cinnamon roll was okay.





We continued our adventures to a shopping mall just across the cafe.

The mall was quite huge. We were window shopping aimlessly while waiting for a friend to join us for dinner.

Since Shanghai is a coastal city, it is very famous for its fish and seafood.

This restaurant is quite famous, and you can find its branches almost everywhere in Shanghai.

Our tummy was filled, and our body was drained, but we still refuse to go back to our hotel. We figured this would be our only day to explore since we would be spending a whole day in Hangzhou tomorrow.

We went to Xin Tian Di, regards as one of the famous hangout places by the locals. It was full of cafes, restaurants, and bars. We had drinks and snacks at one restaurant, named Bottega.

I still remember the food was so heavenly good, even when our stomach were beyond its limit to take any more food.

They also provide wifi, an essential for fellow tourists.


Just when we were talking about how wrong the weather forecast was, the rain started to pour. We rushed to pay our bill and went to a taxi stand nearby. At first, it was still manageable because the taxi stand has a small shelter above. However, the rain got bigger, and the wind was blowing crazily. We ended up all wet, and our shoes were soaked.

We kept laughing because it was a crazy way to end the night.


Regrettably, we could not go to all the places we want due to time constraint.

I do have some recommendations for you guys if you have the luxury of time to stay longer:

1.Shanghai Disneyland


Disneyland just opened in Shanghai, and it would be very fun to spend one full day enjoying the fun rides and taking lots of pictures around the castle and wonderland. But get ready and prepared to face the crowd if you plan to go during the weekends. It will be better for you to order your ticket beforehand to save time queuing. Remember to stay hydrated and be safe.

2.High tea with a view


You can pay a visit to Flaire or House of Roosevelt for a high tea or bar lounge with a perfect view of Oriental Pearl Tower. Check Flair Restaurant and Bar here and House of Roosevelt here.

3.Shanghai Tower Observation Deck

The Shanghai Tower, the world’s second-tallest building, is 127 stories or 632 meters (2,073 feet) tall. It has always been the highlight of Shanghai tourismThis place will give you the best view of Shanghai. We planned to go here but the queue was too long and we didn’t have that much time so we skip this one. Really recommend you to give it a try.


If you have more recommendations of what to do in Shanghai, I would love to read and visit next time.



xx    L o v e,  M W   xx