Beijing Weekend Getaway – Longqing Xia / Longqing Gorge

Last Thursday, my friends and I went for a road trip to Longqing Xia. It took us two hours to reach there from Beijing. The Mid-Autumn Festival gave us the opportunity to get a break from our tedious class. It was a perfect time for a weekend getaway.


Longqing Xia is a canyon located at the mouth of Yanqing Old City River, in the northeast of Yanqing County. It is about 85km (53 miles) from Beijing and the north of Badaling Great Wall. The gorge is known to be the ‘Little Three Gorges’ which is famous for its clear waters, wooded mountains, and amazing karst caves.

If you are traveling from Beijing, I recommend you to rent a car or a private minibus, if you are going in a big group. You can also consider public transportation like buses, but as you may suspect, it will be troublesome.

For your reference, the transportation fee for fifteen of us only cost RMB 75.

When you reach the destination, you have to ride kind of a bigger golf cart, and it will cost you RMB 5. The entrance fee was RMB 40, and if you are a student, it will cost you half price, which would be RMB 20.

The opening hour is 09:00 ~ 17:00 (April 10 to November 15, and January 15 to the end of February).

Bus route:

1. Take bus no. 919 at Deshengmen to Yanqing County. Then transfer to bus no. 875 to the gorge.
2. Take a train at Beijing North Railway Station to Yanqing Railway Station. Walk to the North Station of Yanqing Railway Station bus stop to take bus no. 875 to the gorge.
3. A direct tourist bus to Longqing Gorge is scheduled at 08:30 between mid-April and mid-Oct. The tourist bus is byy Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch. Get on the bus in the northeast corner of Xuanwumen Lukou (near exit B of Xuanwumen subway station of line 2 and line 4). The bus fare is RMB 60 per person.

I believe Longqing Xia is kind of a government designated tourist spot. Near the entrance, you can see a dammed river that flows down between mountains. Then you will see a very long series of escalators, built inside a large green dragon shaped hallway which will bring you to the top of the dam. It is 258 meters (846 feet) long and can take people to a height of 90 meters. This is quite a good spot for pictures!


What you can expect to do here?

1. Hiking


Upon the ascending dragon, you can immediately hike up to the hills. It would be really fun if you are into this kind of adventure and the view from the top is pretty surreal.

2. Cruising

The top of the dam is the entrance of the park, and also where the cruise begins. The cruise will take around 20 minutes or so to a dock farther along and the scenery is beyond amazing. You can see huge mountains and river in front, and also spot an acrobat riding a bike on a thin rope around 55m high on top of you.


3. Bungee Jumping

Love flirting with death? If your answer is yes, this will be for you. Bungee jumping in Longqing Xia has become more famous nowadays. Even so, I didn’t try this because I did not trust China safety enough. Maybe next time, for sure. Three of my friends tried the bungee jumping, though, and they said it was very fun. You can also buy the full videos taking for you bungee jumping and several high quality pictures.

4. Sliding down

After bungee jumping you can walk up to the opposite direction and find your way to this part. Sliding down from the top of the mountain. It was so fun, but I preferred and enjoyed the sliding at Great Wall of China more because it was longer than here.

If you come here during the period from mid-December to the end of January, the area would be transformed into a winter wonderland. During the festival, large lanterns are carved from ice. Numerous of colored lights are placed within the carved lanterns and creating a glowing spectacle that is particularly stunning at night. I bet everyone would find it to be wonderful.





Enjoy your weekend and take lots of pictures!