Inner Mongolia (2) – My First Desert Experience

Welcome to the second part of my Inner Mongolia post. If you have not read the first part yet, please click here!

The destination for our second day, the vast and lonesome desert!




We began our desert journey, at 8 am.

We paused for an early lunch at a small city. After our brief feast, we took a car ride to the place where we ride the cable car. We were given a pair desert shoes to put on, to shield off the sands from getting inside your shoes.

The cable car ride took around 45 mins, it felt like an eternity due to the hot weather. It is one of the longest cable car rides in that desert.

It was so hot that sweats evaporated instantly from your skin. But it was totally worth it, for the amazing views awaiting us at the end of the journey.




After the long cable car ride, we finally arrived the desert.

It was my first desert experience, and it was spectacular.

Everywhere you turn, you can find the perfect picture. It was as if I was in a movie.

Besides taking pictures, there are many other attractions or activities you can participate, such as riding the ATV, riding the camel, playing with the sand slides or even be in a fast car ride in the middle of the desert.


img_1758  img_1737

DCIM101MEDIALook at that terrific face, but still trying to smile for picture. You go, girl!


“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Since young, I have always been afraid of animals, big animals. Never in my wildest imagination, I would be riding such a large horse and camel at that time.

I have a very protective family, a significant portion of my childhood consisting me staying safely at home doing non-adventurous boring stuff.

As I travel, I have been exposed to many new things and experiences. It really opens my perspective. And I am addicted to such freedom, the freedom to be brave and bold for exciting adventures.

Just look at this picture. The world is so big and can you imagine all the places that you have yet to visit?







489183783055396981Sand sliding, was my first too!




img_1765Enjoying the desert life!

img_1735Your Arabian Princess 😉

The desert is closed at around 5 pm on the Summer. We took two hours to drive back to the city and spent the night there.

For the next day, the third day of our trip, we went to a few museums and a souvenir shop to buy snacks for our friends and teachers when we return.

Overall, it was a perfect trip for me. In the beginning, I was skeptical about what on earth could we do in a desert; I was worried about the weather, the food, the bus ride and even the hotel.

I could not be more wrong.