Inner Mongolia (1) – Horse Riding with the Best View

Life streamed through so fast since I am back to Beijing. I am already in the third week of school, and I am still not getting used to waking up so early in the morning (my class starts at 8 am every morning from Monday to Friday).

The end of September is already here everyone!

If you are currently staying in China, we are going to have a week long holiday due to the China National Day (October 1st-9th). Do you have any holiday plan yet?

At the top of my recommendation list is Inner Mongolia.



I was at there last semester around mid-June. It was super thrilling and fun!

It was my first desert experience!

My first time to sleep in grass field under a Meng Gu Bao 蒙古包. My first time to ride a horse without anyone holding the rope for me. My first time to ride a camel! It is definitely worth going!

I went there for 3 days and 2 nights on a private tour with a private agency, arranged by a friend. You can check the travel agency here . You can also check out other holiday destination because they are a rather quite big travel agency

There were 12 of us, and we all are friends We have one driver and one tour guide which are local Mongolians. My tour guide’s name is Yun Hong. He is simply the best tour guide I have so far! He was very helpful and friendly. He was great in taking great group pics for you during horse riding and camel riding. After my trip, I already recommended him to several friends and all of them were satisfied with his service.

I went there during the Dragon Boat Festival, 9-11 of June. We departed at 6 am because we were worried there would be bad traffic since it was a long weekend and in China, if there is a holiday, there will be traffic. Everyone would also travel somewhere. The trip took 8 hours with bus and reached around 2 in the afternoon. We had lunch right after we entered the town, and it took around 30-45 mins bus ride to the grass field, where we would spend the first day.

First thing first, when we reached the grass field, we were greeted by a welcome drink. It was their local beer, I supposed. The tour guide settled our accommodation and we went right to the horse riding. The view was fantastic, and the weather is just perfect. The sky is so blue and filled with clouds, in contrast with the vast green field. I remember when I first saw it, I felt like a kid. I was so happy and amazed.








The horse riding was around 2 hours with several stops. They have lake, and afternoon tea break, and several pretty spots to take picture. At first the horse walked slowly, helped by the horse owners. After around half an hour and we already got used to it, we kept asking the tour guide to talk to the owners and ask for the horse to run.

And i was so amazing! It felt like we were acting for Game of Thrones. It was as amazing as that. Check out my clan.

img_1053    img_4250





After horsing around, we were back to gather with the rest and had dinner after that.

We were fully prepared, with all kind of snacks we brought from Beijing. We had instant noodles, sausages, and even boiled eggs. But the highlight was the Mongolian food. It has exceeded our expectation, in any ways.

During the night, we gathered around the bonfire where the locals danced and sang. We spent the night in 蒙古包, traditional Mongolian house, without a heater and hot water.  Despite the fact that we were all freezing, we enjoyed the night very much.



Ending the night by playing with silhouettes, our first day was now perfect.