Cloudy Cloud

I can never get tired of the blue sky. Especially a blue sky with handfuls of cotton candy-like clouds floating around, can you imagine it? So beautiful and calming.

Life could be dreadful sometimes. Monday blue, morning class, packed commute, life is full of reasons to make us feel miserable. But when you look up at the sky and take a long deep breath, life does not seem that bad at all. All your troubles and misery got carried away by the cloud, slowly but definitely.

I love good weather.

I love walking on the streets with the sun shines on my face. It just makes me so happy. It is as if the universe is sending me positive energy and trying to tell me something through such great weather. It is as if the world is trying to say: Have a blast! Have a beautiful day ahead of you, you beautiful being!

It is comforting.

On a plane ride from Singapore to Hong Kong

On a train from Salzburg to Zurich


Leysin, Switzerland


On a plane ride from Makassar to Merauke, Indonesia


Brighton Beach, England


Liverpool, England


Makassar, Indonesia


Paris, France

 I hope you enjoyed my clouds’ photo. Next time, if you were to see some great cloud hanging above you, do snap it with your camera and share with us. I would love to see them! Have a beautiful day! xx