Last week, I went to a five-day language practice trip to Xi An and Lou Yang. It was arranged by my school, BLCU Intensive Program. The whole experience was hectic, but fun at the same time.

We departed from Beijing by the regular train, and it was 13 hours overnight ride to reach Xi An.

We stayed in the 6 bed open-door room compartment, the cheapest option available I guess. The beds stacked three bunks high all the way down the train, and I had the middle bunks. The bed was rock hard, and the limited space between the beds make it difficult to move. I couldn’t even sit properly without knocking my head. It was one of the lifetime experience.

It looked something like this:



On the railway station, there were a lot of food vendors. We have the option to take away the food and have it as supper on the train. My friends and I bought some sinful McDonalds for our late night indulgence. Some of my classmates bought instant noodles, bread, or even pizza. If you happen to miss the chance to buy the food at the railway station, you still can buy snacks on the train itself. I have no idea what was on the train food menu, so sorry about that.


DSC06438The corridor was flooded by our school students.

If you detest the idea of having food on your bed, you can choose to eat at the corridor. They have seats beside the window, with a small table so you could put your food on it and enjoy your supper in comfort. There were also electricity plug near the seats if you want to charge your electronics.


DSC06437My friend, Paula, was having her burger. On bed.

DSC06448Another friend eating salad. On bed!

DSC06452Late night chit-chatting.

DSC06451Girls night talk.

DSC06445Our class teacher, so pretty.

DSC06444Look at that joyous face, I wonder what she is laughing about.

DSC06440More talking, who needs sleep anyway?

I woke up around 6 am the next morning. The ETA time to Xi An is around 8 am, so I got around two hours to get dolled up. After washing up and making up, it was time to pack up. We had a very simple breakfast on the train before we alighted for our Xi An adventure.

Xi An was once the capital of china, it is an ancient city. The first landmark we visited was the The Ancient City Wall of Xi’an (西安城墙). It was like 5 minute walk from the railway station so it is within walking distances. You can read about the history and the structure here. We were there for around two hours. I mostly spent my time there talking pictures. You could also rent a bicycle to ride around the wall, exploring and experience the distinct atmosphere of this ancient city.

Here are some photos I took, enjoy!














IMG_9874I am too short.





IMG_9871Wudaokou gang.

IMG_9870Next Korean drama poster starring only one Korean

After that we went to check in in our hotel. We stayed in Xi’an Hotel for a night. It was quite an old hotel, but we could not care less because we were all too tired from the overnight train ride. We took shower and got ready for our next itinerary: Muslim Street and The Bell and Tower.

My impression about Muslim Street….. is that it was not so Muslim after all. It felt and looked like ordinary Chinese Street and I have no idea why it is called Muslim Street. It was kind like WangFuJing Street (王府井) in Beijing, but with wider street and lesser people.The street was full with street snacks, like different kind of roasted meat, potato chips and even dessert. They also have souvenir shops, where I bought my Teracotta miniature for 30yuan. My friend collects fridge magnet and got hers for 10yuan. If you in bulk, you can definitely bargain for a lower price. You can find out more about Muslim Street here.

If you forgot to bring travel necessity like sunscreen, hat or even sunglasses, you can buy it at the Miniso located around the Muslim street.

After the dinner, and it was time to call it a day……… not! We bought snacks and beers and Chinese White Wine (白酒) and played games, such as card games and Korean drinking games in one of my friend’s room. First day was fun and we couldn’t wait for the next day to come!


IMG_9954See you for now, stay tuned for my next post! =)